We're Hiring - Learn to Sail Coordinator

Learn to Sail Coordinator 

Under the direction of the CFSA Commodore the Learn to Sail Coordinator plans, coordinates, and organizes the operations and delivery the CFSA sailing programs. S/he develops, implements, and monitors sailing policies and directives, advising on the application of sailing program guidelines. S/he will also monitor, evaluate and recommend sailing programs and liaise with local Association officers who are appointed to manage the delivery of CFSA programs.

CFSA Swag Shop

CFSA, now has an online store with CFSA branded items. You can find T-Shirts, caps, mugs and all sorts of items here: We even have a line of ‘Munroe Head Originals’ hats and hoodies. The system uses Shopify and will ship directly to your home in about a week. You can even get your boat branded t-shirts through the site. Our team of ‘expert fashion designers’ will work with you to get your items online. We do not carry any stock with this service.

PHRF Certificate and Race Registration Time!

Greetings racers and happy New Year. It's that time again and racers have a few tasks for the start of the year to be eligible for racing and trophies. Please note the following decisions made at our racers' meeting in December:

1. We will be racing around the buoys and distance races as 1 combined division know at the "Fleet".

2. As per our Sailing Instructions you do not need a PHRF certificate to race (just a club handicap) but to be eligible for trophies you must have a current PHRF.

2024 Racing Calendar and Race Committee Sign Up Sheet

Greetings Sailors:

It's time to think about next year's racing, remember PHRF certificates and new racing registration forms must be presented in January 2024. PHRF certificates will be required for those wanting to compete for trophies. Boats may race with a club handicap but will not be entered into standings for trophies.

New racers are encouraged to come out and we plan on having a series of talks "Racing 101" for those interested or new to racing after races on Sundays in the Fleet Club.

Here is the link to racing registration: