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Jan 12, 2020 is the first official Div 3 (Cruising Class) Race!

Thank you again for expressing interest in participating in the Div 3 (Cruising Class) Club Racing  

Once again, I want to reinforce the goal of the Div 3 class is to be a fun, no pressure class of racing with the opportunity to take advantage of some education and mentoring from club members. 


The Commodore will be providing an update brief to the membership with regards to how things are going with the relocation of the club on the 10th of January at 1800. There will be other members of the relocation committees there and will help me to answer any questions that you might have.

We are hoping to begin the evening with a pub night. If you're interested in having a bit of food, interest permitting, there will be some prepared appetizers available for pre-purchase. Please use the following link to sign up:


December and Christmas are coming!  Now’s the time to get the jump on those cleaning chores before the guests arrive.  The Pacific Fleet Diving Unit will be at the club 1 December 0830-1400 with up to three dive teams to get at those pesky chores.  They will clean bottoms, props, change anodes and do video inspections.  If you schedule your work now you may be able to get it all done before the 1200 race start. 


The CFSA Fall Annual General Meeting will be held at 19:00 on October 10 at the club house. Registration will commence at 18:30. There are currently two motions posted on the main notice board, along with the Draft Agenda, approved minutes of the previous AGM and a sheet for motions or agenda items from the Membership. 

The agenda and notice board will be updated as additional information is prepared. 

Feel free to contact any Executive Committee Member with questions on this meeting.

Hope to see you on October 10.

Yvan - Club Secretary

Message from the Queen's Harbourmaster

The following is a messge from the Queen's Harbourmaster for Esquimalt Harbour:

As a result of the increased level of activity in the Harbour and the need to coordinate safe operations, the current 7 knot speed restriction has been reviewed and a new one will be promulgated by message shortly.  The attached chart shows the new speed zones and is forwarded to you for dissemination within your lines to all users.