Contact Information

David Mitchell
Mike Vanderveer
Aaron Weisgerber
Brendan Carver
Melinda Evans
Ben Sproule
Chris Maier
Chris Maier
Past Commodore
Moorage/Wharfinger Andrew Britton
Training Officer
Ryan Kaye
Junior Advisor
Environment Officer
Assistant Treasurer Jan Palle
Club Appointments  
BC Marine Parks Forever Rep
Brendan Carver
Council of BC Yacht Clubs rep
Brendan Carver
PHRF Handicapper
Graham Heath
BC Sailing Rep
Chris Maier
Disabled Sailing Rep
Jim Russell
Dinghy Coordinator
Ray Weisgerber
Honorary Members
RAdm J.R. Auchterlonie - Commander, Maritime Forces Pacific
Cmdre A. Topshee - Commander, Canadian Fleet Pacific
Capt(N) J. Elbourne  - MARPAC N3
Capt(N) J. Boyd - Commander, Naval Personnel Training Group - Base Commander, CFB Esquimalt
Capt(N) M. Drews – Commanding Officer, FMF Cape Breton
Capt(N) D.Young, Ret'd – King's Harbour Master, Esquimalt
Cdr A. Fortin - Commandant Naval Fleet School Pacific
Her Worship Barb Desjardins – Mayor of Esquimalt
Mr Peter Lawless - Invictus Team Canada Head Coach
Honorary Life Member
Paul Ulibarri – CYA Race Management Committee Chairman
Life Members
Jan Palle
Dick Burton
Bruce McCallum
Betty Tyre
James Tyre
Bill Brekelmans
Brendan Carver
Pierre Berube
Kevin Greenwood
Derk VanHees
Mailing Address
Canadian Forces Sailing Association 1001 Maple Bank Road Victoria, BC V9A 4M2
Emergency Contacts
Police – Fire – Ambulance – Emergency 911
Marine Emergency
  • VHF Channel 16 (when you call *16 that takes you to Vancouver CG Radio who will then relay all of the info to JRCC.  You can call JRCC direct with #727 or #SAR.)
  • Cellular Telephone (Star 16): *16
Victoria Rescue Coordination Centre
  • Victoria area calls: 250-413-8933
  • Toll free: 1-800-567-5111
  • You can call JRCC direct with #727 or #SAR
Vessel Assistance and Towing
  • C-Tow Victoria/Sidney: 250-217-5396
 Coast Guard
  • General Information: 250-480-2600
  • Marine Communications & Traffic Services
    • Toll Free 1-800-661-9202
    • Victoria Area Shift Supervisor: 250-363-6333
  • Marine Weather
    • VHF Ch 1, 2 or 3
    • Local Recorded: 250-363-6717
    • Continuous Marine Broadcast: 250-363-6880
    • Live Talk: 1-900-565-5555 ($2.99/min)
  • Fisheries Conservation & Protection: 250-363-3252
Marine Pollution Reporting
  • Pacific Region: 1-800-889-8852 (24 hours)
CFB Esquimalt
  • Base Operator: 250-363-2000
  • Base Security/Military Police: 250-363-4418
  • CFB Esquimalt Base Fire Department (non-emergency): 250-363-2224
  • MARPAC Operations Centre: 250-363-2425
  • Base CE Trouble Desk (Buildings and Services) 250-363-2009
  • KHM Vessel Traffic Esquimalt/Port Security:
    • 250-363-5310
    • VHF Channel 10
  • KHM Operations Officer: 250-363-2160
Procedures When Transiting Esquimalt Harbour All users of Esquimalt Harbour are required to follow the direction of the King’s Harbour Master (KHM). This includes, but is not limited to, checking in and out with KHM, staying out of any Controlled Access Zones (CAZ), monitoring VHF Ch 10, 16 and following any instructions given by a representative of KHM or CFB Esquimalt. These procedures are put in place in order to ensure the safety and security of, not only Canadian Armed Forces personnel and their equipment, but all users of Esquimalt Harbour.
When entering Esquimalt Harbour and exiting the CFSA marina or any other location from within the harbour contact KHM via VHF Ch 10 and state:
  1. Vessel name
  2. Number of personnel onboard
  3. Intentions
During CFSA sanctioned events the controlling authority for that event may contact KHM on behalf of the group. For example: Race Committee, Junior Advisor and coach/instructor will call into KHM to inform them of the day’s event. This is to include an estimated time of completion. On long distance races skippers are to check in with KHM individually as they return to Esquimalt Harbour.
Canada Customs
CANPASS: 1-888-226-7277
CANPASS Victoria: 250-363-0222
Ships Clearance: 250-363-3393
US Coast Guard 13th District
  • Group Port Angeles
    • Emergencies Only
      • VHF 16
      • 360-457-4404
      • Cell *24 (*CG) (not accessible by all cell phones)
      • Non-emergencies: (360) 417-5840
  • Group Seattle
    • Emergencies
      • VHF 16
      • 206-220-7001‎
      • 1-800-982-8813
      • VHF *24 (*CG) (not accessible by all cell phones)
      • Non-emergencies: 206-587-0307
Poison Control Centre 1-800-567-8911
Esquimalt Contact Info
  • Police (Non-emergency): 250-995-7654
  • Fire (Non-emergency): 250-414-7126