Junior Division

Who can be a Junior Sailor
Junior sailing is open to any sailor (no affiliation to the Canadian Armed Forces is required) who has completed Opti Basic or CanSail Basic and right up to the age of 19. The reasoning behind the experience level is so the juniors can be a bit more independent from the safety boat on the water compared to when they are in lessons. Junior sailors are members of CFSA and must complete a membership application.
How to join
Junior membership forms are online or can be picked up from the Junior Advisor or the membership chair.
Membership fees for up to age 19 range from $35-$50.
Your child must first be a member of CFSA to register to sail and enjoy the advantages of having access to the program at RVYC.
Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact Paula McHale the Junior Advisor junioradvisor(at)cfsaesq.ca
Spring and Summer 2022 Junior Race Team
Location: RVYC Registration
Marisha Schaefer is the Program Coordinator. The RVYC Season takes place on Sundays.  Please let them know you are a CFSA member, and please keep Marisha Shaefer sailinginstructor@cfsaesq.ca informed, so she can support our team.

 In a community program where the essence of the summer sailing program is to have fun. Blackboard talks about  sailing and racing techniques, then we were turned loose to go have fun. Fun is water fights or piling in a boat to go to a sandbar or just sailing companionably with others “going nowhere and doing nothing.”

While the kids could bang off perfect roll tacks, there wasn’t much joy. There were no peals of laughter, no shouts to friends, no splashing. Just drill, drill, drill.

When I look back at that summer sailing program so many years ago, the vast majority of them are still sailing. Like me, some went on to a lifetime of collecting trophies, while others chose just to sail and cruise. But sailing stuck to us.

Winning is not a bad thing. But when winning becomes more important than being out playing, it sends the wrong message. Rather than to win trophies and finish first, perhaps you should encourage them to have fun and make friends.