PHRF Certificate and Race Registration Time!

Greetings racers and happy New Year. It's that time again and racers have a few tasks for the start of the year to be eligible for racing and trophies. Please note the following decisions made at our racers' meeting in December:

1. We will be racing around the buoys and distance races as 1 combined division know at the "Fleet".

2. As per our Sailing Instructions you do not need a PHRF certificate to race (just a club handicap) but to be eligible for trophies you must have a current PHRF.

All racing boats must fill out/send a copy of the race registration form to in addition I will need your 2024 PHRF certificate.

Sign up for 2024 Long Distance and Series Races on

Select your RC duty dates from our racing calendar found on the previous blog post.


Cheers and enjoy the New Year,

Yours Aye,

Leslie Basham

Fleet Captain CFSAEsq.