Membership Applications

Membership Application Form 2019-20

Membership & Moorage Combined Application Form 2019-20

Junior Division Membership Application

Please DO NOT attempt to pay for membership and moorage until your application has been approved by the membership chair, and wharfinger, and have received an e-mail asking you to pay.

Waiver Form Signed copies must be submitted when making your membership payment.

Places to Pay Membership (PSP) Fees

Naden Athletic Centre Gym
Hours of operation
Mon-Thr 1730-2130
Fri 1730-2100
Sat-Sun-Holidays 0800-1800
CPAC 2610 Rosebank Rd. Colwood
Hours of operation
Mon-Thurs. 0800-2100
Fri. 0800-1800
Sat & Sun Closed


Come Join Us!

In order to apply members must reside within the catchment area. Membership in the Canadian Forces Sailing Association (CFSA) is open to all Regular serving forces personel.  Membership qualifying information for Regular, Ordinary, Associate, Junior and Outport is outlined below. Contact Memberhsip Chair: Fern Beattie Email for additional information.

Regular Members

In accordance with Special Activity Interest (SIA) Policy the following persons are eligible for REGULAR membership:

- members of the Regular Force and their families;

- members of the Reserve Force and their families;

- former members and their families; and

- foreign military personnel on duty with the CF and their families.

Ordinary Members

Excluding persons eligible for REGULAR membership as defined above and subject to approval by the Base Commander ORDINARY membership will be approved for one year with guarantee of renewal for further one year terms.

The following persons are eligible for ORDINARY membership:

- DND Public Service employees/full time contractors (for the period of their contract) and their families;

- former DND Public Service employees receiving a pension for DND service and their families;

- staff of NPF, CF and their full time contractors (for the period of their contract) and their families;

- former of NPF, CF receiving a pension for NPF service and their families;

- serving members of the RCMP and their families;

- members of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, or other security force when employed at a CF location and their families; and

- staff of the C/MFRC and their families.

Associate Members

Subject to approval of the Base Commander or his/her representative, any person not specified in the paragraphs above may be invited to become an ASSOCIATE member. ASSOCIATE membership shall be approved for one year with no guarantee of renewal for further one-year terms and may be renewed upon approval of the Executive Committee.

Junior Division Members

An individual acceptable for membership under any of the above categories, who is between the ages of seven and nineteen may be approved as a Junior Member. Junior Members are eligible to take part in the activities of the Junior Division and shall be governed by the rules laid down in Annex B while so doing. Junior members, on reaching the age of nineteen, must apply for Adult Membership under the existing membership rules and categories.  Child waiver required.

Outport Members

For members in good standing of CFSA who wish to remain members of the CFSA while residing outside the Victoria/Esquimalt area. This privilege will only be granted on application to the Executive Committee through the Membership Committee.