Welcome to the Foreshore!

Our marina is home to 149 boats; including 125 privately owned sailboats, Disabled Sailing Association boats, CFSA sailing dinghies and Sonar sailboat as well as CFSA coach and workboats.

The marina is protected to the east and north by land; to the west by a natural breakwater of rock; and to the south by two 168-foot-long, 721-ton barges, anchored to the ocean floor. There are two entrances, one on either side of the barges with the western entrance being the main one. Visitors can enter via the eastern entrance and tie up where the bull-rail is painted blue.

The foreshore has several buildings: Atco trailor has the Foreshore Office and the Disabled Sailing Training Office; the wood shop and the metal shop – both come with many tools available to foreshore crew volunteers as well as club members; a training building where we run our many courses from; a small-boats building where we do repairs and fiberglass work; and several small storage buildings. In addition to all of that, we also have a large haul-out area where boats can be lifted from the water by crane and placed on the hard. 

The area is fitted with a state-of-the-art water recovery system to keep our environment in its pristine condition.

As with the most of the CFSA, the foreshore is entirely run by volunteers. The backbone of the marina is the work crews. The camaraderie, good nature, and hard work of the group are what holds our docks together.

Foreshore Office: 250-385-2467

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