Welcome To CFSA

The Canadian Forces Sailing Association (Esquimalt Squadron), located in Lang Cove on the eastern side of Esquimalt Harbour, supports recreation primarily for military personnel of CFB Esquimalt, their families and civilian members of DND, their dependents and a wide range of employees of Federal Government agencies. CFSA hosts Able Sail Victoria, providing accessible sailing opportunities for children and adults living with disabilities.
The club is a self-help sailing club and relies on the volunteer efforts of its members for governance, operation and maintenance. The club is funded from membership dues and moorage fees. It is supported administratively by the CFB Esquimalt Personnel Support Program (PSP). 
Established under the authority of Canadian Forces Administrative Order 50-20 (Recreation Clubs) and with the approval of the Base Commander, it is operated in accordance with the regulations and policies of CFB Esquimalt and governed by its own constitution and by-laws.
The primary objective of CFSA is to provide training, recreational and competitive sailing opportunities for serving military members and their families. Additional objectives are:

  • to provide safe recreational sailing, facilities and activities for CFSA members
  • to provide CFSA members in the CFB Esquimalt area with training in seamanship and sailing
  • to organize opportunities for CFSA members to take part in sailing activities
  • to encourage racing, cruising and adventure training under sail; to promote water safety and physical fitness
  • to provide CFSA members with information and advice about sailing
  • to encourage and promote liaison between members and yacht clubs of sailing associations in British Columbia, Canada, the Commonwealth and elsewhere

CFSA was established 77 years ago and now has over 400 active members with berthage for sailboats.

New crew are always welcome aboard on race days.