CFSA Membership Application

Regular Serving: Currently serving members of the Regular Force and their families, Reserves and their families. Regular: Former members of the Canadian Armed Forces, their families, and foreign military personnel on duty with the CAF and their families. Ordinary: DND Public Service, DND Pensioners, NPF staff, NPF Pensioners, members of the RCMP, Commissionaires employed by the CAF, staff of the MFRC, and the families of the preceding. Associate: Any person not specified above and approved for membership in accordance with the CFSA Constitution. Associate members must be sponsored by a regular member. DSA: Member of the Victoria Disabled Sailing Association.
Select your Membership Category. Submissions will be verified by the membership chair.
The following persons are eligible for ORDINARY membership: a. DND Public Service employees/full time contractors (for the period of their contract) and their families; b. former DND Public Service employees receiving a pension for DND service and their families; c. staff of NPF, CF and their full time contractors (for the period of their contract) and their families; d. former of NPF, CF receiving a pension for NPF service and their families; e. serving members of the RCMP and their families; f. members of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, or other security force when employed at a CF location and their families; and g. staff of the C/MFRC and their families.
Primary Member
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An additional S75.00 fee over the base rate for: moorage rights, occasional access to club boats, haul out privilege, reciprocal rights and access to workshops.
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