Merry Christmas From CFSA

It's that time of year when we begin to reflect upon what we feel is important to us; family and friends are of course high on that list.  I think that we can all agree that we are blessed at CFSA to have so many members that have become close friends and others that are practically family.  Spare a moment's thought for the great people that make life in our club so much fun and consider the amazing environment that volunteer labour has built up over more than seventy years.  

Every time that I make my way down to the club, I am always impressed by the presents that our volunteers have left for us all to enjoy, and I am constantly grateful for the initiative and conscientious assistance that so many members provide without hesitation.  I want to thank everyone for the time that you've put in contributing to your club and making it better.  

I hope that you all enjoy this holiday season and the happiness that Christmas brings to so many of us.

Please swing by the website, where some changes are afoot.  The holiday bar hours are posted here.  The DSA New Years Regatta will take place again this year, and updates will be posted to the website.

Finally, stay safe out there,

Chris Maier