Clubhouse Hours


The CFSA Clubhouse is closed until further notice due to the Pandemic.

CFSA is following the Provincial and WorkSafeBC guidelines set out for food and beverage establishments with the following guidelines:

  • Any patrons suffering from cold/flu/COVID like symptoms shall not be admitted into the clubhouse.
  • All patrons are requested to wash or sanitize their hands before entering the building.
  • Servers will ask for contact information for contact tracing.
  • All patrons must be seated at one table inside or on the patio and order beverages by table service only. A bartender will come to you.
  • Patrons are to remain seated except to use the rest rooms.
  • Patrons cannot carry beverages away from their designated table.
  • Patrons may not sit at more than one table.
  • Patrons may not mingle with other tables.
  • All patrons from different tables must remain 2 metres apart and if they cannot remain 2 metres apart MUST wear mask. (masks will not be provided by CFSA)
  • Patrons may not move tables together.
  • Maximum per table is six persons.
  • Dancing is not permitted.
We ask that you keep your movement to other areas of the building to a minimum.
Anyone not following the guidelines will be asked to leave the CFSA Clubhouse.