We are very excited. The Cascadian Convoy registration has gone live.  This is the most tangible step in a long careful and deliberate process of trying, hoping, and planning to bring a race to the 2020 season.  The team here at CFSA and the Victoria sailing community has been at this since June.  

The goal has always been to carefully choose a weekend that will be far enough down the road, but before winter storms that it will have a good chance of succeeding, and then gradually commit to the event. So far things have been working out. The key enabler was the VIASport Phase 3 Guidelines that were released at the end of Aug.  Under those rules we can run the event.  The residual risk to this event is the increasing cases that bring the threat of a second wave and further restrictions.  

When organising an event like this there are only a few things we can control, and a second wave is out of our control.  We can only control our level of commitment, and our refund policy.  The refund policy escalates with the costs that we as an organising committee must commit to, so I hope you will see our refund policy (on the Clubspot site) and understand that given the residual uncertainty we must protect the Club in the event that there is a cancellation demanded by a health authority.

We have also been working with supporting businesses to bring other elements to the race that you would normally see at a regatta, which will be rolled out in the weeks to come.  We are finalising the merchandise plan and an online store will be going up shortly on the Clubspot site. This will be independent of the registration, so your crew can purchase items.

We are also working with a caterer to develop a 'Meals on Keels' programme.  You will soon see food and beverage items for sale on the online shop.  This will likely be some lunch and snack options that will be delivered to your boat by boat & 2m boat hook at check in with any merchandise and the race-pack for your boat.

The NOR has been published and contains an extensive list of health measures. Please read carefully and ensure you are able to comply with them. In our Notice of Intent we explained that we would not be any more demanding than the equipment rules of Swiftsure.  Annex C of the NOR - the equipment rules is a link to the Swiftsure 2020 site.

Here's how you can keep up to date:

Finally, help us get the buzz going by sharing and promoting on social media. Here are some hashtags:

  • #CasConvoy20
  • #YYJSailing
  • #CASCADIASailing
  • #PNWSailing
  • #ZigZagJDF

We are very excited by this opportunity, and are very hopeful that as many small bubbles will join us on the water for what may be the only event of its kind this year.,

Chris Maier

Twitter: @CFSAEsq