We are getting pretty excited about the Cascadian Convoy!  The BC Provincial Sporting Authority (VIASport) has released its most recent guidance that we are hopeful will pave the way for the Convoy to proceed.  

The team is busy analysing the document for what kind of rules are applicable for a event like the convoy. It seems to be falling in line with our expectations of a come from away, show up on the day to race model that we were hoping for.  It also appears to endorse groups/teams/crews of up to 10.  I know that many of the larger boats had expressed concern that a crew size of six was not appropriate for a race to Pt San Juan / Renfrew and would consider opting for the medium course instead.  We are hopeful that if we can get approval for a crew size of 10 that we will see a strong fleets in the long course.

Unfortunately international competition is not authorised at this time, and it is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.  We will be proposing that a shadow race be run that would have a self-organised start and finish run at the same time as the Canadian race along a parallell-ish course for the same distance.  More to follow on this, and we would be interested in hearing from someone who is willing to run this from the US Side. 

So, to summarise the COVID Precautions we are expecting:

  • No tie up at our club 
  • No party/event at the the club (nothing that could draw an organised group of more than 50)
  • Max crew size 10
  • Boats are to ensure there is soap, water and sanitiser on board
  • All crew to sail with masks available in case they come in contact (emergency) with someone from another boat
  • There may be a requirement to designate your crew in advance

We will be working diligently to confirm the precautions and a lot of the race detail over the next week and are confident that we will have more info on or about the 7th of September, though it may be later as the rules are still relatively new and we have a lot of loose threads to suddenly weave together.

Please keep an eye on our club Facebook page, and our website and encourage those interested to sign up for the updates, and keep serious about social distancing and public health measures so that the second wave is avoided. We are all in this together!

Stay safe,

Chris Maier