CFSAx Business Case


Business Case

List of Annexes

A. Vision Statement 

B. Initial Land and Water Lot Considerations
    Appendix 1: CFSA Membership Geographic Distribution

C. Site Options and Analysis
    Appendix 1: Site Selection Score Sheets

D. Market Research

E. Cost and Cash Flow Analysis  (Excel)
    Appendix 1: Fiscal Year 21/22 Budget

F. Project Implementation Timeline
    Appendix 1: Herold Procurement Timeline

G. CFSA Fixed Asset list
     Appendix 1: BComd Approval Letter for ML Docks

H.  Herold Detailed Drawings (will be posted on Completion of tender Packages)

I.  Moorage Requirements analysis

J. Docks RfP Process: Addendum 1 and Responses
   Appendix 1 Poralu Proposal
   Appendix 2 Poralu Proposal Bid options: 

        Bid Sheet 1,
        Bid Sheet (Alternate),
        Bid Sheet Final

   Appendix 3 Poralu final Proposal 

K.  Frequently Asked Questions – Responses to feedback provided by PSP on first high level review, February 2020

L.  Naval Fleet School (Pacific) Letter of Support

M. Business Case - External Review and Endorsement